Daniel Charlebois, PhD
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Functional effects of heating and cooling gene networks. Daniel A. Charlebois, Kevin Hauser, Sylvia Marshall, and Gabor Balazsi. bioRxiv link

18.Negative Regulation Gene Circuits for Efflux Pump Control. *Daniel A. Charlebois, *Junchen Diao, Dmitry Nevozhay, and Gabor Balazsi. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1772: 25-43 (2018). *Equal contribution.
Reprint (PDF)
17.Frequency-dependent selection: a diversifying force in microbial populations. Daniel A. Charlebois and Gabor Balazsi. Molecular Systems Biology, 12: 880 (2016).
Reprint (PDF)
16. Efflux pump control alters synthetic gene circuit function. Junchen Diao, Daniel A. Charlebois, Dmitry Nevozhay, Zoltan Bodi,
Csaba Pal, and Gabor Balazsi. ACS Synthetic Biology, 5: 619-631 (2016). 
Reprint (PDF)   |   SI (PDF)   |   Meet the Authors (PDF)
15. Effect and evolution of gene expression noise on the fitness landscape. Daniel A. Charlebois.
Physical Review E
, 92: 022713 (2015).
Reprint (PDF)
14. Coherent feedforward transcriptional regulatory motifs enhance drug resistance. Daniel A. Charlebois, Gabor Balazsi,
Mads Kaern. Physical Review E, 89: 052708 (2014).
Reprint (PDF)
13. An accelerated method for simulating population dynamics. Daniel A. Charlebois, Mads Kaern. Communications in
Computational Physics
, 14: 461-476 (2013).
Reprint (PDF)
12.Number-Crunching. Daniel A. Charlebois. Physics in Canada, 69: 72-73 (2013).
Reprint (PDF)
11.Daniel A. Charlebois. Computational investigations of noise-mediated cell population dynamics. PhD Thesis. University of Ottawa (2013).
Reprint (PDF)
10.What all the noise is about: The physical basis of cellular individuality. Daniel A. Charlebois, Mads Kaern. Canadian
Journal of Physics
, doi: 10.1139/p2012-091 (2012).
Reprint (PDF)
9. Gene express noise facilitates adaptation and drug resistance independently of mutation. Daniel A. Charlebois, Nezar Abdennur, Mads Kaern. Physical Review Letters, 107, doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.107.218101 (2011).
Reprint (PDF)
8. An algorithm for the stochastic simulation of gene expression and heterogeneous population dynamics. Daniel A. Charlebois,
Jukka Intosalmi, Dawn Fraser, Mads Kaern. Communications in Computational Physics, 9: 89-112 (2011).
Reprint (PDF)
7.Daniel A. Charlebois, Theodore J. Perkins, Mads Kaern. Stochastic gene expression and the processing and
propagation of noise signal in genetic networks
, in Information Processing and Biological Systems, A.S. Ribeiro and
S. Niiranen (Eds.), Springer-Verlag, p.g. 89-112, ISBN: 978-3-642-19620-1 (2011).
Reprint (PDF)
6.Daniel A. Charlebois. An algorithm for the stochastic simulation of gene expression and cell population dynamics. MSc Thesis.
University of Ottawa (2010).
Reprint (PDF)
5.Dynamics of stochastic gene rings. Daniel A. Charlebois. CUPJ, 8: 13-16 (2010).
Reprint (PDF)
4.A biophysicist ponders the application of hidden metric spaces to genetic networks. Daniel Charlebois. Nature, 458: 811 (2009).
Reprint (PDF)
3.The human side of Einstein. Daniel Charlebois. CUPJ, 8: 37 (2008).
Reprint (PDF)
2. CellLine, a stochastic cell lineage simulator. Andre S. Ribeiro, Daniel A. Charlebois, Jason Lloyd-Price.
Bioinformatics, 23: 3409-3411 (2007).
Reprint (PDF)   |   Manual   |   Applications
1. Effects of microarray noise on inference efficiency of a stochastic model of gene networks. Daniel A. Charlebois,
Andre S. Ribeiro, Antti Lehmussola, Jason Lloyd-Price, Olli Yli-Harja, Stuart A. Kauffman. WSEAS Transactions on
Biology and Biomedicine
, 4: 15-21 (2017).
Reprint (PDF)
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