Daniel Charlebois, PhD

I am a Postdoctoral Associate located at the Laufer Center for Physical and Quantitative Biology at Stony Brook University on Long Island New York. My research at the interface of physics and biology aims to make fundamental advances in our understanding of genetics/epigenetics and evolution, and to apply this knowledge to the growing problem of antimicrobial (drug) resistance. Watch my TEDx talk for an overview and see my publications for more details. My current research can be divided up as follows:                

Theory & Computation

1) Mathematical modeling and computer simulation to investigate the role that gene network topology (how genes are connect to and regulate each other) and nongenetic variability in gene expression play in drug resistance.

2) Development of algorithms to simulate gene expression, heterogeneous cell population dynamics, and evolution. 


3) Combining systems and synthetic biology with evolution experiments in budding yeast to study how gene networks evolve and how gene network function is affected by the environment.

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